Leaving Facebook is great!

One hour a day = 350+ hours a year!

Assuming that you’ve had a Facebook account, we all know what it is. There are so many things that are really good from FB. At least, that’s what it started out to be.

I left almost a month ago and you know what happened? Unless I told people that I had left (to thier face, like a human) nobody even noticed. Yesterday one person asked me if I had left FB because they were trying to invite me to an event. That was about three weeks after I left. But otherwise….none of my “friends” care if I’m on it or not!

I can’t remember exactly when I first started but it’s been at least 8 years. Initially it was lots of fun to connect with people I hadn’t seen in a long time – what do they look like? where do they live? who do we have in common? they have 5 kids!? they live in France? they are on their 3rd marriage at 35? I knew that person was going to be a “cat lady”… How did that person get that job!? (because we all know they were a jerk!) They just had a baby! They just got married…or divorced…or moved to Florida…or so started a new job.

But somewhere along the way it went from interesting, catching up, trivia-like posts…to absolute, total crap. Even with all the options of hiding people, unfollowing people, limiting various posts, trying to narrow what you see, etc – none of it mattered. Because whenever I tighted up my settings or tried to block the bad, it kept coming in. “IT” was the insanity of political hate. “IT” was the awfulness of obvious mental health challenges from people who would never get help. “IT” was the extremely needy ‘look at me’ posts that the same person posts 10x a day. “IT” was the posts of ematiated animals that need help. “IT” was the alcoholic pics of people who had no idea they were way over the line. “IT was the awfuness of life that we all know about but don’t need to see all the time. “IT” was people you know posting sad pics of their supposedly “awesome” life.

I’ve met people and groups through FB that have been really good, strong, and positive connections. So YAY for that! But most of it is just a pit of destruction, sharing of hate, and a way to actually *not* connect with people – for a platform that’s supposed to do the opposite thing, that’s some irony. There are sooo many articles out there like…why leaving FB is good for your health….why qitting FB is good for your future…and many more.

Some things you just can’t do half way. You can’t cook a lasagna half way. And I don’t think I can just use FB half way. It’s so addictive. And so awful. And I think especially for women – comparison is the thief of joy. Even at less than an hour a day (total) on FB, that’s over 350 hours a year!!! I know I have much better things to do with my time than that. How about you?