5:45 am swims

I don’t care what you say… if you haven’t experienced an early swim, outside, in the summer heat, witnessing the sun come up – you haven’t lived. There’s something nurturing, powerful, and almost cathartic. It’s peaceful out there, before the busy of the day catches you.

There’s something about water that’s life affirming and beautiful. I can’t imagine not knowing how to swim. Twist my arm, make me get in the water…beach, lake, pool, whatever.


New Foods in 2018!

This year one of our “things” as a family is trying new foods – anything different that we’ve never tried before, making new desserts, trying a new restaurant, anything in that family. I was great about keeping track of things for a while…but as it goes, my dedication to keeping pics organized & categorized did subside.

New Foods in January 2018

Even though I haven’t taken as many pics, we are still in the mindset of TRY SOMETHING NEW! It’s good for you to lean into something different. The kids are doing it too and not complaining about it. That’s a huuuuge win!


Silver linings in dark clouds

Well, this season is not going to go as I was hoping for. I was hoping that 2018 would be my prep year for a 70.3 distance. …Sigh….not so much. This rotator cuff thing is going to take some serious time. I’m not even sure it won’t require surgery at some point. So that throws things into a place I wasn’t expecting.

Dark clouds. Not happy about it. It’s quite frustrating not being able to do what I want & need to do. So… I’m going to do other things to the best of my ability. I guess I’ll get really good at PT. And maybe learn some new things along the way. Art? Music? Extra family time? Maybe start an exercise club/group at work? New foods/cooking experiments?

I gotta’ use my goal setting & discipline in SOME way that’s productive!! Trying to find the silver lining here…

Any other ideas?