Whether it’s been in my professional life or personal life, I’ve always had a “thing” for wellness! As of early 2023, I’ve been volunteering for about a year at Avery Family Farm – helping the owner with “cuddle classes” on Saturdays…yes, that’s a real thing! You might notice some pics of me with goats. They are beautiful and gentle animals – therapeutic, indeed.

From 2016 through 2019 I had the honor of representing Velocity Sportswear through their TriMafia ambassador program… through the magic of social media, the power of connections, and pure luck! I learned so much about triathlon and the soul of others. What a gift from the universe. Even though my triathlon days are probably behind me, they are great people and I would recommend it to anyone!

Currently I’m *LOVING* Camp Gladiator! During the peak of the pandemic they were able to pivot to all virtual for a while and then eventually got back together in person. For a while those were the only other humans I saw outside of my home. It was faaaaantastic and I’m grateful that I’m there! I’ll hit 700 check-ins (hours of actively participating in CG workouts) in March 2023!

Previous events:

2019 Triathlon & Events
*June – Smile Train Tri
*September – OBX sprint triathlon

2018 Triathlons & Events:

*January – Indoor TRI at Lifetime Fitness – DONE!
*June – Volunteering at Raleigh HIM, Raleigh Ramblin’ Rose – DONE!
*June 24 – Smile Train Tri in Wake Forest as a team due to rotator cuff – DONE!
*Big Muddy Mud Run with famiy & coworkers – DONE!
*September 16 — OBX…cancelled due to Hurricane Florence

2017 Triathlons & Events:
*January – Indoor Tri with Lifetime Fitness – DONE!
*April 2 – South Beach Tri in Florida – DONE!
*June 4 – 70.3 Half Ironman team (swim) Raleigh – DONE!
*June 11 – Ramblin Rose Raleigh team – DONE!
*June 25 – Smile Train Tri in Wake Forest -DONE!
*August – Rex Wellness team (swim) – DONE!
*Sept 16 – first Olympic distance in OBX – DONE!
*October – Ramblin Rose Chapel Hill – DONE!

2016 Triathlons & Events:
*April 24 – Indoor Tri with Lifetime Fitness – DONE!
*May 15 – Ramblin’ Rose Raleigh – DONE!
*June 11 – Oak Island Tri – DONE!
*June 26 – Smile Train Tri – DONE!
*July 10 – Rex Wellness Garner as a team – DONE!
*Aug 21 – 50K bike ride for charity – DONE!
*Sept 3 – Big Muddy Challenge, family mud run – DONE!
*Sept 18 – OBX Sprint Tri, open water – DONE!
*Oct 2 – Ramblin’ Rose Chapel Hill  – DONE!
*Oct 8 – First OWS of 1.2 miles – PAID but cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew =(

2015 Triathlons & Events
*First Mud Run
*2 independent sprint triathlons (a third was cancelled due to a storm)
*1 team triathlon
*50k bike ride in Raleigh to benefit RPD Memorial
(one tri cancelled due to hurricane, booooo)

2014 Triathlons
*2 independent sprint triathlons
*1 team triathlon

2009 Triathlon
*2 this summer

* several 5K walk/runs (never ran any all the way)
* 75mile bike ride for MS
*50K bike ride for Habitat in Durham