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Meal Prep Train

I’m getting on the meal prep train!

It’s been a few years since I’ve worked full-time with kids, and that’s about to change soon. I’m super excited about it and one of the things I want and need to do is learn more about being proactive with meal prep – either for breakfast, adult lunches, or family dinners. Any, all. I really think most of it is my mindset – I love to be creative and I love to plan, so I’m thinking about how those two characteristics can blend together here very well.

So I did a little research & got some of these divided trays that are good for fridge, freezer, microwave, & dishwasher. And I also tried making some egg & cheese breakfast muffins as practice – some had veggie sausage, some did not.

Then I started looking at various ideas on Pinterest – it is FULL of info, too much really! But in one of my FB groups I found this recipe highly recommended by many people – so I tried it and man, they are right! Very easy to do and will be great for snacks at the office or for the kids. Next time I’ll double the recipe as I’m sure these will not last very long.

I started experimenting with things for my husband’s lunch. Not sure he’s totally on board, but I’ll give him some time to see the magnificence that’s coming his way. It’s way too easy to eat crap at work, and I really want to focus on nutrition & strength training during the off season, which is right around the corner. Less than a month away!

If anyone has ideas or suggestions, please do comment & reach out especially if you have experience. I don’t eat red meat but I’m open to anything else.