My Yin Yoga Journey

Years ago….many years ago….I taught fitness classes and loved it! My sweet spot was teaching a newbie who had never done step aerobics before. Being able to take someone from zero to hero in a few classes was a great feeling! I learned so much from that experience. 

 Fast forward to today – here we are in a pandemic, lots of isolation, lots of quiet(er) days in many aspects of life. I have been feeling like I needed a change. I need more autonomy in my work life. What am I naturally good at? How can I develop those natural skills, make them work to my advantage, and monetize them? 


During this weird year I have rediscovered yoga. Yin yoga has been new to me but I’ve fallen in love with how great it is for me. I bumped into it by doing a lot of videos from YouTube – Yoga With Kassandra’s channel has been transformative for me! There are a lot of good ones out there, but she’s reeeeeally good! I am currently doing two of her trainings. One is aligned with the phases of the moon. The other is a Yin yoga certificate. 

I’m “this close” to signing up for a Yin Yoga teaching certificate and it’s so exciting to put this into the universe. The thought of a full circle moment here of returning to something I loved many years ago is pretty exciting. I’m learning more in the past couple of months than I have in the past couple of years. It’s been insightful, healing, and therapeutic in ways I did not expect. I can’t get enough of it! I’m excited for what I’m learning and maybe I’ll be teaching Yin yoga in 2021!!