FearLess Together Melissa

From Melissa (age 34, mom, graphic design artist)

“The slowest triathlete on the planet meets the slowest hiker on the planet… and together it’s magical. Chandra Green is the type of person you want to know. The type of someone everyone needs in their life. She’s uplifting, encouraging and most of all inspiring. She is the best accountability buddy I ever had.

Listening to Chandra tell me about her experiences with training for triathlons, completing multiple triathlons and her goal to do a Half Ironman; has inspired me to take my passion for hiking to the next level. First, I needed to believe in myself. I needed to see that I can do anything I put my mind to. Chandra helped me to achieve that with Go Ape.

Melissa go ape 2016

Chandra far left; Melissa far right (November 2016)

If you don’t know what Go Ape is, it’s a tree top obstacle course mixed with some zip lining. Let me tell you, it’s challenging! I first experienced doing Go Ape during a Team outing with some co-workers (Chandra included). There were five obstacles total, I was only able to finish three. I felt defeated and embarrassed as I watched my co-workers finish the entire course and receive their certificates. I wondered if this was something I would ever be able to complete. Before I could wallow too long, Chandra came to my rescue cheering me on and telling me I did a great job. Little did she know at the time how much I needed to hear that.

Melissa hiking May 2017

Melissa on a 26 mile hike raising funds for Make-a-Wish (May 2017)

A new year was approaching and I gave myself a health challenge goal. Something to work towards and accomplish. I decided I was going to do Go Ape again and finish the entire course. When I told Chandra this, she offered to be my accountability buddy and there was no turning back. She consistently checked in to see how my fitness progress was going. It was encouraging. When the time came to try Go Ape again, Chandra signed up to do it with me. She believed in me and that made me believe in myself. I’m happy to say that I completed Go Ape! It felt so good to receive that silly paper certificate, but it meant something more to me. It meant I CAN accomplish anything I put my mind to. I have Chandra to thank for that.

After accomplishing my Go Ape goal, I took my hiking passion to the next level by hiking a marathon distance hike to help raise money for Make-A-Wish foundation. I also bought a bike and I’m planning on doing a triathlon in the upcoming year. If you’re looking for some extra enthusiasm, a supporter, an accountability buddy, an inspiring role model and most importantly a great friend, Chandra is your girl!”