Fearless Together Ashley

From Ashley, real estate agent and dog lover


This might sound cheesy but Chandra Green is the human version of a ray of light! I cannot say enough good things about Chandra and what she did to help me accomplish my goals. She motivated and encouraged me to sign up for the Ramblin Rose Mini Triathlon in 2015. Never had I done something of this magnitude before! I could barely swim at that point! The fact that I could not run more than a 5K, had not owned a bicycle since I was 10, and could not do any proper swim strokes really hindered my confidence.


Ashley getting body marked

Chandra took these objections and turned them around for me. She took the time to teach me about bikes and how to find a good, used road model. She checked in daily on my workouts and running progress. For the swimming portion, she pushed me to meet her bright and early at the local swimming pool on the weekend to do laps. Once I was in the pool, she broke down the freestyle and breaststroke for me and made it less intimidating. Before long, I was going by myself to the pool to practice! Learning how to do these strokes at such a late age was empowering! She taught me that you are never too old to learn new things. The feeling that you get once you can make it across the span of a pool doing the freestyle stroke is incredible and I have her to thank.

In an effort to prepare me for my first triathlon, Chandra set up a mock triathlon one Saturday morning. She had everything set up outside the swimming pool, so that when we were finished with our laps, we would run outside, put on our shoes and jump on the bike. After the bike ride, we hit the pavement for our run. She wanted to ensure I was comfortable with transitions and I am so grateful she did! The day of the race, I was READY! With her coaching and encouragement, I felt ready for my first race!


Just starting the bike portion after the swim.

The day of the big race finally arrived and Chandra was there as my biggest fan. Swimming, biking, and running among a bunch of powerful, strong women was the most amazing experience. It wasn’t about beating one another but supporting each other to the end. Chandra had recommended the perfect first tri for me and I will be forever grateful. She selflessly took the time to prepare me for the race and it is to date, one of my biggest accomplishments. If you are looking for someone that will hold your hand along the TRI journey, then look no further. Chandra will be your daily dose of energetic sunshine and encouragement! She truly is an inspiration!

ashley chan

Finish line with medal to prove it!