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Ocean swim not meant to be

Look at this! I was at Carolina Beach, NC this weekend and had great intentions of using my wetsuit and trying an open water swim (OWS). I have no fear of the ocean and enjoy being in it any chance I get. I knew the weather would be kinda’ icky this weekend, but did not prepare for this…

I literally couldn’t get past the breakers. After multiple tries and getting knocked down repeatedly, I gave up. I thought the shells/sand was going to rip my suit as I was being dragged over it by the insanely strong waves & chop. There were surfers way out there – seeing them out there I thought I could make it, but they live for big waves to surf on so it was perfect for them. Just couldn’t do it.


I was hoping I could get up & try again the next morning. When I got up and started walking around my sciatica had flared up so bad I could barely move. So instead of trying again in very calm, nice, friendly water I just sat on the beach & watched the kids. After a lot of rolling on a foam roller & moving I felt much better. But damn, I really wanted to try again. Just wasn’t in the stars this weekend for me to do an OWS in the ocean. I guess it means another trip needs to be planned! The above pics were taken Saturday morning (5/22/16) and this bottom, glorious, calm, beautiful pic below was taken that same afternoon somewhere around 4pm. HUUUUUGE difference! Sunday morning looked like this too – but even more like a lake. You win some, you lose some.