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Diving into fear

Unicorns and diving boards

This has absolutely nothing to do with triathlon but I *must* share this with y’all. I’ve been going to Optimist pool for a while now, and they have that deep dive pool with the 2 diving boards. One is quite tall, but the shorter one is about 3-4 feet off the water. It’s been my nemesis for the past 2 years. See the pic below? There’s the tall one, and then the one to the left of it which is the smaller one. Doesn’t look scary at all until you stand on it. 
optimist diving pool
I keep seeing it and thinking to myself – “you can do it! You did it over & over when you were a kid! It’s not that tall, just do it!” But as you know, fear can be immobilizing and paralyzing and speak loudly in your head saying “nope, not todayyou cannot do this!
At the beginning of the summer I did jump off the board, feet first. But I could NOT convince myself to dive. Perspective is everything, and looking at the board from the concrete is like, meh. But standing on its edge and looking down into the water is a completely different perspective. It feels very high, and very uncomfortable even though it’s the low board.
On Sunday we took the kids to the pool and I told Parker (6) that if he was brave enough to jump off the board, I would dive off the board. He had been wanting to for a while – sound familiar? – and if he did it I knew I had to step up. He did it!! And there was a part of me that was like, aaaaaaaw crap. Because now it was on me. Once he did it he loved it & couldn’t get enough.
This was the day before the pool closed for the summer and there was a short line. So there was pressure knowing people were behind me. So I did it! Even though I was scared I dove TWICE off the board! The second time gave me a headache 😉 but I did it. I’ve been chasing that unicorn for two years, thinking about it and getting pissed at myself every time I didn’t do it. 
unicorn from pinterest
Fear can be such a road block for doing things we want to do – whether it’s a physical challenge, mental block, relationship thing, or something related to work. I was SO glad I did it, especially knowing it was the end of the season and I wouldn’t have another chance until May 2018….and that was just way too long. Unacceptable to let something like that get in my head. Really glad I did it. Hope you can catch your unicorn soon, too!