Ramblin Rose Raleigh 2017

Ramblin’ Rose Raleigh was on June 8, 2017. This is such a great venue for any woman starting out in the triathlon world, wanting to just try it out and see what happens. It’s also great to come back repeatedly to grow in your speed and ability. Can you really do this? Is it impossible? Is this the last, or is it the beginning of something bigger…the initial steps to a life long relationship with endurance sports (like it was with me).

Rose Raleigh 2017

Ramblin Rose Raleigh – June 2017

Doing things that feel impossible are such amazing growth tools. It’s hard to get out of our comfort zone, holy moly that is hard. Ditching the bed for an early swim, or running/walking knowing it might rain, or keeping a commitment to yourself or someone else to meet for a ride is not easy. But those things do get easier. They do. And the more you do, the more you can do.

The Rose event was great!! I had coerced, I mean wrangled, a few friends into doing it. Most of us did it as a team, with each of us doing one or two legs. And one person who does not see herself as a triathlete yet did the whole thing! (You know I’m talking about you Lady J…) This year the swim was outside which meant that it was easier to watch everyone. The bike was really, really hilly. And then the walk/run – and it was done!


Here are the bigger accomplishments, progress, & outcomes from my friends this weekend, using just initials for privacy:

  • TN is talking about ways to improve her swim and be less uncomfortable in the water
  • KP learned how to swim about 2 months prior and finished the swim!
  • CS is considering doing TWO more triathlons this summer – one with an open water swim!! And she’s getting a road bike this week!
  • JH just signed up to do the October Ramblin’ Rose event!
  • AK volunteered to learn more, and is committed to the October Rose along with several others who didn’t participate in this particular event

…but the biggest outcome is the belief in progress and the believe that they can move forward in a challenging sport. A sport that can be very tough on long courses, and one that can be very hard to get comfortable in. You have to learn how to be ok with being uncomfortable, sweaty, and tired – but in the best and most accomplished way!


Swimming in Jordan Lake!

SUCCESS!! Slaying dragons this year- I love the growth opportunities in this sport. 

I knew I needed some help with open water swimming. Chasing the black line in the pool, hitting the wall to turn, and being in shallow water is SOOOO different than being in a wide open lake. I attended my first open water swim clinic this past weekend despite being extremely nervous and tied in a knot. The Raleigh Half is creeping up and now there’s a bib number!

im 70.3 raleigh chan

The lower temps in Jordan scared me. The wetsuit scared me. The thought of not seeing in the water (or *seeing* into the water) scared me. What if I floated away? Is that possible? I did it – in a wetsuit! in cold-er/ish water, 71 degrees. Not warm, but not ice cubes either. Getting my face in and keeping it in the water was def a challenge for a while but I got it!

I also ran into a colleague from a former job a few years back and now we are tri buddies! You never know how life is going to circle back around. We are swimming together this Saturday – she’s doing the full IM in Lake Placid in July, so she’s got some time. I can’t imagine pushing toward a goal that size, especially with work & kids. Go girl, go!

I did it last weekend and I’m doing it again this weekend! And just in a few days of hot weather this week the temperature is 76-77 degrees already. That’s a massive jump in a very short time. At this rate I won’t need the wetsuit for the real swim. I’m hoping! Didn’t get any pics last time but maybe I can this weekend.

I found out yesterday that there was a drowning out at Jordan Lake this weekend. Water is so powerful in so many ways. It can hold you up, it can drown you. It’s soulful and challenging and therapeutic all at once. It’s a very interesting juxtaposition of concepts & ideas.


$hit is getting real for Raleigh Ironman 70.3

I knew it was coming. I have been wondering when the assigned bib numbers would be released. Wonder no more. Today was the day. My bib number is 4033. Doing it with my husband and a friend, Heather, whose last name is not Green so we weren’t side by side on the list.

IM bib number

Oh shit. It’s a month away. I’m *only* doing the swim but still, holy shit. I easily remember how hard one full lap was for me. Nearly impossible a few years ago. Even last summer, my goal at most triathlons I did was to swim freestyle for the full 5 lengths without stopping. The exception was the OBX event in September 2016 where I did about 1/3 mile in open water so there was no hanging on the wall or stopping as an option.

IM Ral logo

Why so nervous about this one? The distance. The swim start with 100+ people. Jordan lake. The temperature. The wetsuit. The time cutoff. Lots & lots of reasons to bee nervous. Plus it’s a HUGE -F event. And it’s an IRONMAN branded event. Me in an IM event. I feel like an impostor!

I heard a podcast today where someone referenced triathlon as the dumping ground for people who were having challenges in life and needed a distraction. My gawd this is so true! Tri was born out of a dark place in parenting for me and has grown into a gift and a way to connect with people in a meaningful way. And not just that, it’s really an equalizer around physical activity – there are now so many body types, ages, abilities, and such at these events. They are not reserved just for the elite athlete anymore. They are really for anyone wanting a really great distraction or goals.

Got work to do, that’s for sure! But it’s definitely possible.