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HUSTLE in 2020

That’s my word for 2020…Hustle. It requires disciline, intention, focus, and grit. It also needs creativity, support, and accountability. Here is how I will hit my goal…


Last summer I was very hopeful in starting a new job. As I look at 2020 I feel both really nervous and reallly excited about the future. Nervous – Not because of the company or anything related to my work performance, but as it relates to NC politics. As I’m writing this, I know that in about a week legislators will come back to town and they hold our collective future in their hands as it relates to the forward progress of Medicaid. “The Serenity Prayer” comes to mind as I know that many, many things will be out of my/our hands as it relates to that. I need to focus on what I CAN have some influence over rather than what I cannot. Excited – because I think this quote captures what I’m feeling along side with being nervous: “Never let a crisis go to waste because it’s an opportunity to do some really important things.” – Ethan Zohn. I’m keeping my eyes & heart open for whatever oportunity should come my way. And for these reasons, HUSTLE is the theme for 2020.

Discipline: My MWF alarm is set for 4:45am; my TTH alarm is set for 5:30am. My goal is to go to Camp Gladiator 4x a week – usually MWF, and then another day in the week. I rarely sleep in these days even when it’s 24 degrees and CG is outside!

Intention: Sunday – Thursday nights I set out my morning workout clothes, shoes, socks, coat, keys, water bottle, etc. All the things I need to easily and successfully get out the door are there – intenrional easy access. Setting my intention for the next day is important and can make or break my plans when it’s o-dark-thirty in the middle of the night.

Focus: One of the things I need to improve on is eating vegetables at most meals. It’s way too easy to go days without eating one if I’m not careful. I’m focused on the positive (eat more vegetables, a variety, more salads) rather than the absence of food (less sugar, cookies, etc). For me, focusing on the increase rather than the decrease is really important.

Grit: Part of grit is about being unusually resilient and hardworking, so much so that you’re willing to continue on in the face of difficulties, obstacles and even failures. It’s about being constantly driven to improve. If I have anything…..I have grit. And it’s pretty obvious to see when others don’t have it.

Creativity: There’s a new book I stumbled on, called 365 Days of Creativity. I don’t plan to do it every single day this year but I do plan to do a few pages a week. I’m skipping around, not going in order, so it’ll be interesting to see how I use it and how it affects my decision making and problem solving skills. Whether it’s art or poetry or cooking creative meals I know it’ll be in the front of what I do this year.

Support: Jason. He’s the reason I can do most everything.

Accountability: I’m pretty good at holding myself accountable. However, it sure does make it easier being a part of Camp Gladiator. It’s been an amazing source of both support and accountability. At work, I have several professional development goals to meet and there’s natural accountability in work plans. And now that I’ve made my word public here and on social media, it’s hard to go backwards and retract my hustle!

Let’s go 2020!! I’m open to possibilities and I’m nervous/excited to see what’s ahead.