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Gratitude yoga = hot yoga

Last week I tried hot yoga for the first time. Yesssssss. It’s hot. Really hot.

I hadn’t tried it because I don’t enjoy feeling trapped in a hot room, so it wasn’t something I would naturally lean into. BUT…. I had a chance to try it for free, no risk, with some other Camp Gladiators.

It was actually pretty good!! The instructor was phenemonal. And even though I didn’t feel as flexible as I did 20 years ago when I did it regularly (shocking….I know) I did better than I thought and really liked it.

I’m not sure I could do it in the summers here though – when it gets close to 100 degrees outside. Coming out of the hot class into the cool morning felt really great, but coming outside to the heat….. I’m not sure about that. Otherwise, I recommend it. At least try it. Can’t really hurt to try it!