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Does growth exist at 5am?


5am has been rough this week. Only actually got up & did my thang this early a couple of times this week. I ended up doing afternoon & evening workouts instead. Not bad, I didn’t miss a workout, but I seriously need to turn my brain off in the morning because I can think of 70000000 excuses to NOT get up. I think I need a note that says “shut up!” in the bathroom so that I just force the auto pilot. I always – ALWAYS – feel good about going, glad that I did it, etc. But 5am is super F early. Let’s just be honest.


Well………….While we’re being honest…cough cough. Grab a shovel with me, dig a path through our own bullshit, and in the words of Swim Bike Mom: Just Keep Moving Forward. Enough with the BS, whining about it being too early-late-dark-hot-whatever. Growth is good. Good for the soul, good for the heart (literally & figuratively), and just good. Imagine who you were 10 or 20 years ago?? Eeew, no thanks. Even though I’ve been spot on this week with working out, I gotta’ re-commit to this early 5am time slot.

Commit to growth, not to bullshit – can’t be both. Get your shovel.