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A letter to my friend

IMG_2210…this post goes out to my girl, Lady J.

Lady J is my friend who I have pulled into this tri thing. Some days she comes along for the journey with a smile & other days she’s kicking & screaming.

Girl…I’m so proud of you, and really excited for you. Knowing that you were up against some pretty challenging obstacles you signed up for this tri with me anyway, coming up in May. We’ll start together, and we’ll finish together.

But it’s about more than just crossing the finish line. It’s awesome seeing you grow and get on a road bike like a boss. Seeing you make strides in the pool. Committing to exercise dates with me even when every arrow in your life points in the opposite direction. It’s easy for people to say they will do something – but putting the time into it is the hard part. The event in May will be the celebration of more than just finishing a tri.

I hope this will be something you’ll always remember, whether you do another tri again or not. I hope you remember that you’re able to do the things you can’t. Triathlon has taught me a lot about resilience and goal setting…I hope it’s doing the same for you. I hope that when we cross the finish line together in May that you’ll continue to challenge yourself in other ways that you thought were impossible a few years ago.

See you soon at the pool, on the bike, or on the sidewalk! =)