Ramblin Rose Raleigh 2017

Ramblin’ Rose Raleigh was on June 8, 2017. This is such a great venue for any woman starting out in the triathlon world, wanting to just try it out and see what happens. It’s also great to come back repeatedly to grow in your speed and ability. Can you really do this? Is it impossible? Is this the last, or is it the beginning of something bigger…the initial steps to a life long relationship with endurance sports (like it was with me).

Rose Raleigh 2017

Ramblin Rose Raleigh – June 2017

Doing things that feel impossible are such amazing growth tools. It’s hard to get out of our comfort zone, holy moly that is hard. Ditching the bed for an early swim, or running/walking knowing it might rain, or keeping a commitment to yourself or someone else to meet for a ride is not easy. But those things do get easier. They do. And the more you do, the more you can do.

The Rose event was great!! I had coerced, I mean wrangled, a few friends into doing it. Most of us did it as a team, with each of us doing one or two legs. And one person who does not see herself as a triathlete yet did the whole thing! (You know I’m talking about you Lady J…) This year the swim was outside which meant that it was easier to watch everyone. The bike was really, really hilly. And then the walk/run – and it was done!


Here are the bigger accomplishments, progress, & outcomes from my friends this weekend, using just initials for privacy:

  • TN is talking about ways to improve her swim and be less uncomfortable in the water
  • KP learned how to swim about 2 months prior and finished the swim!
  • CS is considering doing TWO more triathlons this summer – one with an open water swim!! And she’s getting a road bike this week!
  • JH just signed up to do the October Ramblin’ Rose event!
  • AK volunteered to learn more, and is committed to the October Rose along with several others who didn’t participate in this particular event

…but the biggest outcome is the belief in progress and the believe that they can move forward in a challenging sport. A sport that can be very tough on long courses, and one that can be very hard to get comfortable in. You have to learn how to be ok with being uncomfortable, sweaty, and tired – but in the best and most accomplished way!


Closing the season with the best!

The first time I did the Ramblin’ Rose Chapel Hill sprint tri was 2009….I had a almost-one year old. Last weekend I did it again and I had an almost-8 year old. It was the same course, the same everything… but so very different this time around.

I think the first several I did I put myself in a swim group of 4 (out of 10 with 10 being the best). Last year I think I was in a 6. At the beginning of this season I was a 7…..and that’s right, I ended my season in the swim group EIGHT! Two people passed me in the pool right at the beginning. But that was it! I hung with the pack and held it together in the “8” group. Eight out of ten. Last summer I couldn’t even believe it when I was able to swim freestyle the whole 250 without retreating to breaststroke. It was a small miracle! This summer I didn’t even consider doing that. I knew I could do much more than 250 freestyle, a lot more.

I’ve never had to use the portapotty during an event, but I guess there’s a first time for everything! It was a great season being part of the TriMafia ambassador team with Velocity Sportswear. I always got comments on my kit and how it was easy to see and just a lot of fun. It’s super comfortable, made by Epix. Great stuff!!


I’ve already got 4 events paid for and on my schedule for 2017. One involves a 1.2 mile swim leg on a team, one is an ocean swim in South Beach, FL and a sound swim in the OBX, and one is a sprint event I’ll do for the 4th time. I’m sure I’ll have a few more thrown in too. I need undies that say Triathlon IS Therapy…true in about a billion different ways. I’m sad the season is over but looking forward to next year!!

Ramblin Rose Raleigh

Ramblin’ Rose Raleigh….DONE! Check! Finished! Four more to go for the season… Had to shout out for my Velocity family (The TriMafia) with their tattoos. Fun to wear them to the event.


Ramblin Rose Raleigh 2016

Sunday was a great day for a race! Beautiful weather, a little chilly to start, but totally awesome. This race was different because I was doing it with my friend Lady J, a newbie to the tri world. I told her we would start & finish together even though we were in different swim start groups. I wasn’t doing it to compete or get a PR. It was just a really fun day, with a crowd cheering, ending in some bling!


This was my 10th sprint tri in my history of all triathlons since my first one. This event was a little different in my brain in 2 big ways….. First, I never had that “Damn, why did I sign up for this shit! What was I thinking!” thought that I usually do sometime prior to the race, but definitely on race morning. I slept well, I woke up excited, and ready. to. go.   Second, I really do feel like I’m a triathlete which is a great title to own. I say OWN because we all have lots of titles in our lives – some we embrace, others not so much. I’m finally ready to own that title and hold on to it tightly. Something that I wrote on FB when I posted the album linked above is that it’s so cool I get to do this…. I really mean that! Triathlon is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever been a part of. The growth potential is endless, the support is phenomenal, and it teaches you a lot about yourself.

The best part of the day is the hot shower & nap at the end. My next one is at the end of June. No time to waste, back on the trainer this morning at 5:30am after a day of rest yesterday. Running tonight if the storms hold off, and back in the pool tomorrow. I love this sport! =)