Silver linings in dark clouds

Well, this season is not going to go as I was hoping for. I was hoping that 2018 would be my prep year for a 70.3 distance. …Sigh….not so much. This rotator cuff thing is going to take some serious time. I’m not even sure it won’t require surgery at some point. So that throws things into a place I wasn’t expecting.

Dark clouds. Not happy about it. It’s quite frustrating not being able to do what I want & need to do. So… I’m going to do other things to the best of my ability. I guess I’ll get really good at PT. And maybe learn some new things along the way. Art? Music? Extra family time? Maybe start an exercise club/group at work? New foods/cooking experiments?

I gotta’ use my goal setting & discipline in SOME way that’s productive!! Trying to find the silver lining here…

Any other ideas?