Fighting and Finding the God of Balance


Found on G images….somewhere in cyberspace…

Is there a God of Balance? There are many mythological figures out there…the god of alcohol, the god of sun, the god of this, that……but is there a god of balance? I know there’s a god of justice – that’s not what I’m talking about.

BALANCE – the yin & the yang. Some ebb & flow that’s natural. Balancing work and life and kids and goals and marriage and food and exercise and laundry (omg laundry) and dirty bathrooms and appointments and all the things.

Have you ever done that team building activity where you’re all in a circle & pass around some yarn back & forth across the group? The idea is that if one person lets go it changes the dynamic completely. Some days it’s more tangible than others, but on the days when it’s all flowing in the right direction…man, that’s a good day right there!! And on those days where the scale of balance is tipped so heavily that you’re sure it’ll never find equilibrium again…those days suck.


I think balance is more important to some people than others. Some people seem to be all or nothing with everything: food, alcohol, exercise, whatever. It’s taken to the extreme. I’m not one of those people. But I do really enjoy the sweet spot in all those things – and definitely in tri training.

So, to all of you 5 readers who can resonate with finding some balance, fighting the lack of balance, and striving to keep some balance….cheers to you! And good luck. It’s hard to do.


It’s a PANTS miracle!

pantsFor whatever reason, the stars lined up and today I will celebrate the reuniting of me with my new pants. These are special, magical pants. Ones that I never thought I’d see again…..well, the original ones are probably in a trash can somewhere, but this is a much better replacement.

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It only took almost six months to get them back. This is a good lesson in hope: keep hope alive. You never know when your missing and almost irreplaceable pants are going to show up again! Even the dog Frank is like – WTF!? Are you serious!?

Who really knows why or how this pair of pants was so reluctant to enter into my life. It’s a mystery.  The story of these wandering pants started a while ago...and then continued here... and now the story ends today. These pants have a special place in my life. They will be a symbol of waiting, confusion, mystery, intrigue, and weirdness.

Hello pants….I might sit around in you tonight for fun!

My fan club was at the pool tonight. Seriously. Really.

I went to the pool tonight at an a-typical time for me. I got in the water at 4:45pm and out at 5:30 on the dot because I had to get ready for a hair appointment at 6pm. I barely had scheduled enough time to do all of it, but I’ve gone there out of the pool before and he knows my tri life so it was no big deal.


The parking lot was about half full, more than normal when I go. Half the (already small) pool lanes were taken with lessons or a group of young kids around 12-14 on a team for practice. There was one lane left, just for me.

I’m going in knowing that I gotta’ turn it up because tomorrow is May 4th, exactly one month out from the Half Ironman swim in Raleigh. It’s coming at me fast & I need to swim as much as possible, probably 4 miles a week or more if I can make it happen. That’s quite a bit for me. So today, I’m on a schedule and I got things to do.

I swim for 45 minutes, which is just barely over a mile for me. Hit my watch, make sure it recorded it, hop out and walk towards my bag so I can rinse off, change clothes, and get to my haircut. Earlier I mentioned there were lots of kids in the pool, which also means that there’s a lot of parents and/or grandparents sitting around the sides as well which is not usually the case when I go. I walk towards my bag and a lady I do not know says…..

“…are you Chandra? Chandra Green?”

I’m like…..uh….yesssss….a little flustered here, but I ask….do I know you? -and here’s the rest of the conversation summarized:

“I can’t believe it’s you! I heard about you doing triathlons. I know who you are! I friended you on FB a while ago (but I ignored it-cg)…..and you have 2 boys, right?…and you recently did a big one somewhere, where was that? Florida, right?…and you ride your bike too! I’ve been following the stuff you do! I’ve been wanting to meet you and here you are!!”

I’m like, huh…??  I said something nice here, not even sure what I said.

She continues….. telling me that she joined the YMCA but their pool is closed for some cleaning or issues, which I had heard about. That’s the same place hosting the Ramblin’ Rose in June. Tells me about having 6 grandchildren and how she was watching me in the pool and couldn’t believe I could swim like that. She said she was counting my laps and lost track! Asked me how many I did! (my watch knows…) I told her about how a couple of years ago I couldn’t do a full lap without really struggling, and over time I’ve learned and been consistent and committed and now I’m doing bigger swim events with the HIM in one month!

This was one of the strangest feelings and experiences I’ve ever had. It was like I was owning triathlon celebrity for a few minutes. Is that a thing? Triathlon Celebrity? It was real for me for about 10 minutes today!

I couldn’t stay & talk too long because I really was headed to a hair appointment and I was going to go there wet now. But I did reach out to her on FB now that I know who she is!


But ya know… really don’t know who’s looking. You never know who is paying attention to what you do & say, how you handle yourself, how you tackle challenges, and what kind of example (good & bad) that you’re setting for someone else. It’s important to be authentic and be yourself, but it’s also important not to be a jackass. It was a good reminder and also a very unique feeling today. So thank you my new friend LW for such a great experience!