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My kid did a triathlon!!!

This weekend my kids did a triathlon. My heart might explode!!


Well, ONE kid finished a tri. The other one thought about it and said, nope. And that’s ok. He felt he couldn’t do the swim so he decided to cheer for his brother. Still worth every penny.

The one who did it, he was so proud of his medal and what he did. It was great to see him!! It was hard for him, and it was also reeeeeally hot that day. I signed him up a few days prior so he was a few from the back. He’s not fast, just like me, so he was bringing up the rear (just like me) – but he finished something that was hard and said he wanted to do it again next year!! And my other one said that he might do it next year. It was such a great day to cheer for them like that!!

Future #trimafia member?? Future athlete? Maybe so!

Future kid who likes exercise, takes care of him self, and wants to be active forever?? FINGERS CROSSED!