Hanging on to old things

Does anyone else hang on to things that you KNOW you won’t ever use or need again? Why? Why do we do this?

I was cleaning out some drawers & things, and came across 3 old lap swimsuits and a few more old suits (from like, 15 years ago) that I was keeping as “back up” suits. Back up to what exactly?? A bathing suit emergency? These lap suits were stretched out beyond what I could wear, and the others were not the right size.  They were very thin, almost see through. And one of them had bra cups that had accidentally gone through the dryer so they were bumpy & clumpy & just not fit to be worn anywhere. Ever. Like, ever. Not even in a swimming emergency.

But it made me think about why… Why am I keeping this? I think there’s a continuum of ideas that start on the “keep everything” side and move toward the “get rid of everything!” side. I’m usually on the get-rid-of-it side, but for some reason I want to keep these old suits. Maybe because they are tied to memories of when I was in my 20s (not the greatest part of my life, why do I want to hang on to that??). Maybe because I’ll lose a few pounds and get back in one. Maybe because it just feels weird throwing away something that at one point had meaning, but now is junk. That transition from good to bad is powerful, even with something like a swimsuit.

let go

And I even found a pair of shoes that were – at one time – fantastic! They were Dansko clogs. After some intense foot pain years ago, these were the only shoes that I could wear. I’ve had them forever but the soles literally have holes the size of a quarter that you can see straight through. But they are still here. Why? I don’t know! I dooooon’t knooooooooow. Not sure why I have such a strong pull with some things that aren’t really doing anything for me right now.

Maybe this post will inspire someone to get rid of the crap. Take out the trash. Let go of the things that don’t serve you anymore. Whether it’s a shoe or a jerk in your life (home, work, whatever) or a version of yourself that you’re not too happy about….get rid of that mess. I’m throwing out those old suits AND shoes right now… I’ll dig deeper later, but it’s a start and good enough for right now.



Back to what I love

Lately I’ve been feeling the nudge to get back to fitness classes. Not taking them – TEACHING them. Years ago I never thought I’d be circling back to cross this bridge again, but I am seriously thinking this way…

Life is short. I don’t want to feel like I’ve missed an opportunity somewhere along the way. I feel the best about myself and everyone around me when I’m consistently physically active AND encouraging others to come along and challenge whatever perceived limits you have for yourself.



Back in the day I taught step, floor/aerobic, and some water classes. I really enjoyed it! I didn’t do the high impact & high intensity. I loved teaching beginners. I was really, really good at that.

I listened to this podcast lately about this lady who’s a larger than average runner (meaning more than a size 4) who wants to change the face of running. It was really eye opening to me and has stuck with me for days. I hadn’t really connected those dots but whether it’s about running, cycling, triathletes, the gym, or whatever – all the “leaders” in those roles are usually so small. The image is nearly everywhere and it’s very hard to find the “normal looking people” taking leads in the fitness biz.

I can’t really describe it – I just “feel” this nudge to look deeper into resources & see where this might lead me. I’m really wide open to possibilities and trying to figure out what’s next for me. Looking at the next bridge I may cross…

Got any ideas? I’m wide open & ready for suggestions.

Nerves of steel

…more like nerves of noodles. But the season is here, my first tri of the season is hours away, and bags are getting packed. Yesterday I pulled out my tri bag that had been stored away for the winter. I missed her. This is her last year at one of my last events in the OBX.


Locked & loaded

Planning one of these events several states away is no joke. The planning. The dogs. The kids. All the things to take. All the things I will forget. …All. The. Things.  My list keeps getting longer. Don’t forget this, don’t forget that.

In an effort to relieve some anxiety I was having about this ocean swim and cooler water temps I put on my wetsuit. Twice. A while ago I had found this video about putting on your wetsuit while it’s turned inside out. I was skeptical but it actually worked! The neckline was so tight. It literally felt like hands were around my neck strangling me, which made me really nervous to even try swimming in it. So I did some research – even though cutting the neckline isn’t the top choice or preferred method to fix this, I decided to do it. I cut a “scoop” in the neckline and what a difference! I can breathe, move better, and I’m hoping it will be a good decision. The truth is that I hope I don’t actually need to wear it! But if I do, I’m ready.

Time is weIMG_2289ird, right? This image of my computer screen was taken when I signed up for this event about 10-11 months ago. So much can change and so much stays the same. Excited to be able to do this and have fun with it. My race, my pace. Looking forward to the “bling” at the end – I might never take it off!