2017 wrap up & 2018 plans!


Gotta’ say I’m proud of myself for accomplishing some great endurance sport goals this year. My first big swim (Raleigh Half Ironman 1.2 mile swim in Jordan Lake, NC)…..my first Olympic distance completed (Outer Banks, NC)…and my first “classic distance” tri as a recovery goal after surgery. All 3 events were open water – 2 ocean, one lake. Here’s a cool recap of pics from the season. Always sporting the #trimafia gear through Velocity Sportswear – their gear is fantastic!


For whatever reason I’ve been struggling with what my plans for 2018 will be. But for whatever reason the light bulb went on & I think I’m pretty close to figuring it out. I think I have about 6 events I’m planning on again this year. My bigger plan is to hopefully complete a 70.3 Half IM distance event by 2020, but to do that I have to take steps in that direction. Last year’s big 1.2 mile swim was huuuuge for me & felt impossible. In 2018 I’m looking at another big scary thing – a half marathon!

I have decided my word for 2018 is STRONG. I want to focus on strength training through the winter & apply that to my swim strokes, cycling, and stability for running. I’m continuing with my 3rd year as a brand ambassador for Velocity Sportswear – great people, glad to be a part of the family! Always loving their shirts – especially my newest, RAISE THE BAR! Pic taken in the dark at 6am after a  brief workout, of course!


2018 Tentative Plans:

January 15, Indoor Tri at LifeTime
March – TBA
April – lots of fundraising Walks for work
June 24, Smile Train Triathlon sprint
September, Mud Run with family or friends
September 15, OBX sprint
October 13, Wilmington Half IM as a team (swim & run)

…and maybe another brand ambassador gig. Not sure yet, but I’m looking at one! We’ll see what happens there!


Occoneechee Mountain, NC

It’s not exactly a mountain. Big hill, yes indeed. But it’s close to being a “mountain” for the middle part of NC, and definitely a really beautiful place! The weather was crazy perfect and there was still a lot of color left to see in the leaves.


After losing Tina and feeling so sad it was nice to have 2 hours of being physical in nature and being in the ground. Little Frank had the best time. =) It was great having him out there and loving life with us.

Check out these pics…

I also started thinking about plans for 2018 and what goals I want to commit to. I want to nail that down soon so I can start thinking about what to do and how to make that happen. Stay tuned for a list of the dragons I’m gonna’ slay next year…

But for now, I can’t believe all of this beauty was only 40 minutes away. The kids thought it was about 7 hours away based on all the whining. : / WE ARE GONNA HAVE FUN DAMMIT!!


2018 already?

It’s already time to think about 2018 triathlon plans!


I have two events remaining this year – one big, one small. Then, BOOM, it’s gearing up for 2018. Already!

Here is what I’m thinking for 2018. I’m gonna’ keep a few sprints that I really like doing and try to intentionally improve on my times. Then, I’m going to do a few bigger sprints with open water. My initial thoughts are…

May 2018 – Beaverdam sprint tri – 750 ows, 15, 3
June 2018 – Rose – I’ll do it with someone if they are interested
June 2018 – Smile Train, 5th year – can’t miss it!
July 2018 – Little Uno (one mile ows swim)
Sept 2018 – OBX – distance tbd
Oct 2018 – Rose in Chapel Hill

I’m also looking at doing one or two Half IM distances as a team, doing the swim and/or bike legs. My first tri was in 2009, so it seems like a good goal to do my first Half IM distance in 2009 – 10 years later. I’m on the slow track but moving forward.

Anyone else got plans for 2018? Already signed up for the big race? I need to think more about what my specific goals are – beyond just finishing. Nothing wrong with finishing, but it’s time to get better. Focus on quality, not quantity.