Camp Gladiator

I love to share about this awesome little thing I stumbled into, called Camp Gladiator! I did not think I would like it – I just tried it. But there was something about it that really drew me in and spoke to me at the right time that said “c’mon, you can do this!“… It’s been a huge source of sanity, community, and accountability – especially since the world went crazy in 2020. All the trainers do an amazing job, but especialy my trainer – Amy. I’m so grateful for her encouragement and support.


If I dont’ do it early (usually 5:30am or 6:15am) I’m probably not going to do it. Good intentions of doing it later are not gonna’ work. I took my first class around Sept/Oct 2018 after a lack luster triathlon season due to a shoulder injury. After tons of PT and various “stuff” to try to help it, consistency with CG is the thing that has been the most helpful. It’s taken a long time but I almost never have pain anymore!! Well, except the soreness from working out, but I’ll take that every day compared to what I had before.

It’s outdoor boot camp style, with whatever size weights you want. I’ve brought my kids a few times. This pic above was in 25 degrees one day! He did it with me even though it was hard. And now, the mornings aren’t 100 degrees like the afternoons are these days but they are still really thick and humid at around 75 degrees. I’m dripping in 10 minutes but I sweat all the deamons out (most of them) and I can deal with my day so much better.

For the past several years I have picked one word that resonates with me. My “word of the year” this year is HUSTLE – never, ever did I realize how much I need it or how applicable it would be to overcoming the insanity and instability of this year. I’ll hit 250 check-ins this fall and might hit 300 by end of 2020, if not definitely in Janary ’21.


Due to covid, CG has been able to offer virtual classes with trainers anywhere!! I’ve been more consistent with 3-5 workouts a week. I’ve been able to use my tablet and do it in my backyard or garage or living room. It’s been such a great thing for me to do, definitely like taking my medicine every day! I never regret going and it’s been such a healthy and supportive environment. Not all transformations are on the outside – many are invisible and on the inside. Me and Amy are at the bottom when we were doing some open water swimming last spring, 2019. You can literally do it virtually ANYWHERE – let me know if you wanna be a Gladiator!!

101718736_10107733021350329_5639100139034378240_nCG 100


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