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The body marking

Body Marking – Go 307!

I’m going to go out on the edge a bit here. I’ve tried to plug into local triathlon groups here in Raleigh, NC. There are some, but they are intense, fast, and waaaaaay past my ability. I’m slow, like a drunk turtle, but I finish! And I’m guessing there are others out there who would like to try a triathlon but are very intimidated by the elite, svelte (??) fine tuned machines that are the “real” triathletes. To date, I’ve done a bunch of sprint triathlons…but nothing bigger than that, YET!

That’s why I’m writing my blog about this triathlon journey and joining the social media world – I know there are others out there like me who “are slow but go!”  So here’s the thing: I want to do more, I want to improve, but I’ll never run a 7 minute mile, climb hills like a pro on my bike Norman, or probably ever do flip turns gracefully…but I will set a goal & finish. Join me! I’m looking for others to cheer for me and I want to support others in their triathlon adventure whether it’s your first sprint or a big one! If you’re doing this without much support you’ll need someone to appreciate your enthusiasm. I somewhere, somehow I found that becoming a triathlete is powerful, meaningful, spiritual, and life-affirming to me. (Hell if I know how this happened, so don’t ask me!?) It’s got the best of planning for the future while also having to be present to the smaller, daily steps involved.

I started highlighting the journey of others that I’ve encouraged along the way. I call it FearLess Together. Encouraging someone with a high five or “good job” is very different than saying let’s do this together! I’m encouraging people to live outside their comfort zones WITH them. Riding together, swimming together, and more.

For me, training & preparing for triathlons has been a great escape & stress reliever. Life is hard, let’s be honest. There are lots of ways to cope with the stress of parenting and everything else life can pile on. Finding this has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I love a good underdog story and I feel like I can relate to being the underdog here. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go in this sport. You can read more about me through the site including my crazy thoughts about doing a Half Ironman one day – more to come on that. I’m sooo far away from that right now…that’s down the road so don’t get caught up on that silliness. If you have ever seen someone do an event and thought, wow that’s cool… I could do some of that then I’m talking to you!!