About Chandra


Family Pic, summer 2015

My name is Chandra Green and somehow I have become a triathlete. I’m not sure how, and I hesitate to even say that word too loud – triathlete (said in a whisper).

My drive for health started around age 20 or so. Definitely not before that. Never an athlete early on. I took some step classes around age 20, ended up teaching those classes as a certified AFAA instructor for 8 years, got a Master’s in Health Education from ECU. Focused on smoke-free and tobacco-free policy change for 12 years. Had kids. Took a turn professionally to accommodate family needs. But now  I want to circle back to where my soul is happy – somewhere, somehow back to health…but I’m not sure the exact path that will take.

I’ve been married since 1998 – to the same person – and we still really like each other. I love to learn, grow, challenge myself, and try to seek out ways to do that on a regular basis. I love dogs, love my three boys, and love being excited about life. I’m a little crafty. Like to cook. But the thing I am best at is setting a goal in the distance, and working backwards from that date/thing to make it happen. I am FANTASTIC at that. It’s a needed skill in many things, but definitely in triathlon. I’m not a skilled athlete when it comes to speed or long distance endurance. But I am really great at planning and figuring out how to start. I think the starting place can be the hardest. There are so many reasons to *not* start. Don’t listen to those reasons, find a reason why you CAN start.

The first triathlon I did was in 2009 – a women’s only event called the Ramblin’ Rose in Chapel Hill. I honestly can’t remember how I bumped into it – probably online somehow I assume. Really glad I did! It’s been one of those life changing turning points for me.

Chandra Green
Raleigh, North Carolina
channychangreen @ gmail.com







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