2021, Abundance, Change, Creativity, Excitement, Family, Hustle, Intentional

Hello 2021!

Helloooooooo 2021!! I mean, can we all just take a deep breath and exhale. I know ’20 wasn’t all bad, I get it. But let’s not be unrealistic about everything. I know (hope) we all learned a lot about many things and can move forward in a more collaborative, hopeful, respectful way. Fingers crossed.

My word for 2020 was HUSTLE. This year, in 2021, my word is ABUNDANCE. I’m ready for all things that mindset will bring me.

New Year’s Eve was different, right? I decided that we were going to celebrate at home. I was gonna’ wear a dark green sparkly dress, get glammed up, wear heels, and celebrate new beginnings. All dressed up with no place to go! The kids made us a spaghetti dinner with plain bread as an appetizer. I made a Butterfinger cake. Then we literally set our 2020 on FIRE!! It was a really nice, beautiful, fun, peaceful, therapeutic, cathartic, funny, wonderful family night to bring in 2021.

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