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I see more goats in my future!

This weekend I visited a rural, family farm (Hux Family Farm) in Durham, NC. I have always bee intrigued by this “goat yoga” idea and had the extra time to check it out. There were only a few of us there, and they had super high safety standards to adhere to. Plus, it was outside.

It’s about 80% goats and 20% yoga – which can be changed based on your preference and needs of the day. Petting animals is therapeutic, no matter the kind – dog, cat, guinea pig, goat, sheep….. and these animals were more like dogs than anything else! They were definitely cared for and the owners knew every single one by name. No name tags, no collars….just identifying them based on their face, size, features. Just like you know all the kids in a classroom if you’re a teacher. {KIDS…….see my joke there!? Kids}

I loooooved it!! Of course, with 3 rescue dogs, I’m definitely an animal lover. And I’ve always had this running joke about goats with my sister. I had so much fun that I’m bringing the family back in a couple of weeks. It’s an opportunity to learn about animals, the way other people live, and have new experiences while supporting a local family farm. Lots of good things all in one place.

I’m starting another round of a lunar cycle of yoga with Yoga with Kassandra. It starts tomorrow 12/14 and aligns with the cycle of the moon. I’ll have to create a mantra or theme to repeat to myself every day. I think I’m going with…I am open to possibilities. This year has been many things, but I’m gonna focus on the seeds that I’ve planted this year – holding on to hope that amazing things will come from this year, like beautiful flowers planted deep in the dark, dirty, muddy ground…. they come up as planned and also where you don’t expect them to be.

Just trying to plant some seeds that will come to fruition with some planning, intention, and absolutely some luck. Maybe even with some goats! And maybe it will exceed my expectations – who knows!

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