New Moon Yoga 31 day challenge with Kassandra

About two months ago I got a Feetup Yoga Trainer. I’m working on getting better on it. The hardest part is being inverted (upside down) and the effect it has on my head – it’s quite the head rush until you get used to it. This is me earlier this morning. My first video I did was 30 seconds, and the next one was 52 seconds – so I’m progressing. It’s fun to see me be able to do more, be stronger, and enhance my flexibility.

still shot from 52 second video clip

I’ve been developing more strength through Camp Gladiator, which has helped with the core needs for being better at yoga. But I needed something that was slower and more intentional, almost like the yin/yang complimentary image. In following Kassandra in her yoga teachings I saw she was doing a 31 day yoga practice challenge that aligns with the new moon beginning and the following phases of the moon. Sounded interesting and a little weird, but I’m open. Why not, right?

In a few days, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve started doing affirmations, new moon yoga sequences, learned about the significance of the number 108, got a mana necklace, learned what a mana necklace is, and got yoga blocks to help me supplement the deficit that is my short arms. Today is day 3, I think. I have no idea what will come from this yoga dedication and having an open mindset around possibilities….but I figure it can’t hurt.

I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. I thought it would be more of a “job” for me – rather than something I’m looking forward to. It’s def a challenge to do both CG and this and all the other things…..but I’m excited to see where it takes me. It really does feel like the yin-yang image of two complementary opposites. Maybe this corona impulse purchase was actually the beginning of something new and different ~~~~

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