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A FeetUp (corona) purchase is new in my life!

I might have to get a Christmas present for our Amazon drivers. I mean….. all the stuff, right? It’s just too easy – click, and then it’s here in a day or two. I feel like I have bought things online that we needed. The stuff that was important. Until this one day……..

So I’m scrolling around Facebook and I happen to see this sponsored ad in my feed. I’t’s this short video that shows a normal looking person doing all these cool moves on this stool-like contraption. Upside down, headstands, standing splits…..it caught my eye. I never click on those things but this particular day I must have been in the right mood to look a little deeper. Here’s the link for the actual product:


I decided that Facebook was RIGHT and that indeed, I really did need this contraption in my life!! How did they know?! If this person could do it, then I could. Jason put it together for me that night. The first day I just looked at it…not ready to try anything. Seriously, what was I thinking? Why did I buy this thing? Dumb Facebook…..

FeetUp contraption arrived!

But then I thought – well, it’s here. I need to do something with it. It’s quite intimidating. So I tried. It’s SOOO much harder than it looks. But I also realized that it’s just as much about trusting yourself and being confident in your choices – not just about your core. Flipping yourself upside down is quite scary the first time! These pics below are from the 3rd time I tried. For me, the hardest part is all the blood rushing to your head and that weird feeling.

This is my starting place. Just being able to be vertical and steady for a couple of seconds – long enough to get a pic. I’m using it 2-3x a week just for a little bit each. There are also lots of videos with instruction and even a poster for the wall with ideas. Some online yoga instructors use it and have instructional YouTube videos available – like Yoga with Kassandra, which is definitely a favorite of mine. So many options for anything and everything.

After about 6 times working with it, I’m already more confident in what I can do and at ease (kinda’) on starting the flip portion before my legs extend. I can do some twists and I’m working on splits. Starting slow, but I have some goals for my birthday in mid September and also for the end of 2020 – which seems like will never arrive. I always need some type of project and this is one that can be done at home anytime. In hindsight I’m really glad I bought this as an early birthday present for myself – I guess Facebook really DOES know what I need….. creepy.

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