2020 is no joke

Let’s all just admit that this year has been a helluva ride and (today) it’s only half way over. Hope is necessary and also a little dangerous…. it can let you down, it can keep you hanging on for the next big thing around the corner.


The hope that I’m hanging to is that as a country we can move forward after November 2020 and we aren’t in the same place. I hope that the racial events were not for nothing. And I hope that the bigger changes that align with worksites, schools, medical communities, local politics, and families will be able to look backwards in time and say that they learned something helpful, positive, and possibly transformative during this time. That’s a big ask.


If the huge crash of this year has not impacted or affected you at all, you’re not paying attention. If you’re waking up every day thinking that nothing has changed for you, go lend your energy, time, money, hands, or resources to someone. I guarantee others can use your help right now.

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