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Disney: is it worth it?

It took me 47 years to get to Disney (….minus a quick trip to Epcot while there for biz, about 20 years ago). It was a sight to see. The Africa and Avatar sections of the animal park were phenemonal. And so was the whole Star Wars area. I’m really glad I got to ride Space Mountain, see Chewey in person, and ride Avatar twice. But I mostly enjoyed watching my kids experience it, along with my husband experiencing all things Star Wars.


The truth is that I enjoy watching them try a new hiking trail, or a new park, or learn to jump waves at the ocean, or try new food, or help me make dinner, or take care of our dogs. And most of that stuff at home costs little to nothing. I heard more than once, “you’re making memories” =) – girrrrl, I can make memories in our back yard fire pit, or in our kayak at the lake, or taking the dogs on a hike. Those memories are the best. I’m afraid I will forget a lot of this trip because the amount of stimulation was profound. There was no way for my brain to hold it all.

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Sure, I’m glad we went and it’s definitely an “experience” to have. But the lines, rain at Magic Kingdom, lack of healthy food choices, super confusing meal plans, and craaaaazy expensive things ($13 for one beer in a plastic cup; $50 for a long sleeve t-shirt that I needed due to poor planning on the first day, wearing in pic) just isn’t how I want to spend my time, money, or energy. And it was truly baffling to see how many babies were there!! I mean, what the actual…?? Why, god, why would you do that to yourself?


So here are some pics from our trip. I just can’t imagine any reason I’d need to go back! They are old enough to remember this experience and they are welcome to go again on their own. In the meantime, it might take me years to #disneydetox – I know for sure the next trip I take will have warm water, smaller crowds, and actual restoration. The food at Star Wars was really good  – this purple thing? It was smaller than a tennis ball, very interesting, and much like edible art. One and done!



2 thoughts on “Disney: is it worth it?”

  1. If I haven’t said it over the years, although I know I have, but not enough and not recently … Chandra, YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOX

  2. I’m still contemplating that myself. I just took my 7 and 9 year olds to Universal studios over the Christmas break. By the end of the day, i was nauseous from all the rides and felt like throwing up if i see another trace of the artificial color.
    Sure, kids loved it but was it life changing? I’m not sure!

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