2019, Dogs

Dogs are love

Dogs are love.

Other animals are love too – I mean, any pet that you take care of and feel all the feelings for is what I’m referring to. Not necessarily just a dog. But for me?? Dogs. All day long…all the dogs, all the hair, everywhere.

Look at the relaxation, the pure joy in leaning into the sun and the wind. And the soft place to land. What if we all had that experience on a regular basis? Would we be better off? I think so.

What if nobody cared that you tried to help and failed miserably (Frank helping me “work” above). What if being snuggly and taking a nap in between workouts was therapeutic and good for your soul? What if your one messed up ear was beautiful, eccentric, and gave you character?? Molly thinks so.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love dogs. Looooooooove dogs. Especially all the rescue dogs we’ve had. They are so grateful and appreciative.

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