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Ugly Christmas Sweater – WINNER!


Yes, I am very VERY excited to announce that my crafty skills did come in handy at work today. I won, I won!! I got First Place Ugliest for my holiday “sweater” …. nobody knew what hit them!! =) It was the front and back, not pictured. Tinsel down the arms..ribbon on the shoulders, stickers all around, holiday socks which convienently held a battery pack to make sure the lights worked! Jingle bells, reindeer, and stars. And a head piece, also not featured but it was just as awful!

Not only did I win for MY arts & crafts skills, my “all in” level of intense, DIY commitment…my boys wanted to join me in the crafting! That never happens! They saw me on the floor with tons of glittery, holiday things spread out everywhere and they said…”can I make one too?” My heart grew 3 sizes that day. It was a very Grinch-esq miracle. My smile was huge and I said ABSOLUTELY!! Let me run to Dollar Tree and get more stuff! Opportunites pass quickly so I had to strike while the fire was hot…


They made their own creative, original design. And it was all I could have wanted for Christmas. It was sooo much fun making them with the boys. They are old enough now to remember these things as they get older…remember that time we made ugly sweaters??? Yeah, that was a good day.

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