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Every Damn Day

My goal for 2019: Every Damn Day

I figured it out! This is my goal for 2019. For the past month I’ve been floundering, trying to figure out exactly what my goal for ’19 would be. In the past several years I’ve either had a “word” for the next year I would use as a constant reminder (like – strong, intentional, organize….) of what I wanted to lean into for the year. For whatever reason I’ve had a tough time trying to figure it out…..but it hit me today!

This past year (’18) has not been a bad year, not at all. But it also hasn’t gone quite according to my plan or my word of the year: STRONG. A shoulder injury took me out of triathlon training the whole year. Nine months of PT, several cortisone shots, and a few more months of contemplating surgery has derailed me in a way I didn’t see coming or plan for. Other things also got in the way and before you know it….things got away from me. But as a person who believes in change and resilience, 2019 is gonna’ be my year. I’m claiming it, putting it in writing, and my choices in ’19 are going to reflect a few things…

I am part of the #TriMafia for the 4th year now – even though my tri goals were not aligned with the universe this year, I want to be a great ambassador and representative of their brand – which focuses on “Never Stop Ever”….and they also happen to sell this perfect shirt! Conincidental?? I think not.

every damn day

My motto for ’19 is EVERY DAMN DAY. This will apply to intentional, life-affirming exercise every single day. It will also apply to my professional life, doing the best I can with whatever circumstances are given to me (or with those I create). Choices should serve you well; when they don’t serve you well, those choices and decisions should be evaluated.

This year has taught me to trust my excellent instincts and let them lead me. Big goals should scare you a little, otherwise they aren’t big enough. I usually create goals like…complete X triathlons this year. But this goal feels different because it’s about doing things every day that will add up to a lot at the end – but I don’t know what that is or what it looks like or what it’s not! I do know it’s about consistency, I’m sure of that. I’m not sure I can predict what’s ahead in ’19 but I know I’m going to be intentional about how I handle what comes my way and about the habits and vision I’m creating…every damn day! What’s your goal for 2019?


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