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Molly is my newest love

I absolutley know, without a doubt, that there’s something a little “off” with people who don’t like dogs. Nothing wrong with cat people, don’t make hateful comments. But I’ve noticed for many years that if people don’t like dogs, it seems to be a bit of a red flag… STAY AWAY!! There’s something wrong here.

Molly. I knew there was a dog out there in the universe that needed my love. Enter a dog that they called Flip Flop because of her ears. She is a beautiful soul that has added so much in our life. Frank likes her most of the time.


Molly came to us about 2 months ago, mid September for my birthday. She literally knew nothing about being in a house. Everything scared her – carpet, the tv, the door, the couch, the car… She’s getting much better and has gained weight & is very strong now.


There is something great about a shelter dog. The only thing better than one is two!! =)

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