Bahamas for our 20th!

We are going to the Bahamas this fall!

We finally committed and we are going to make this happen! We’ve never had a vacation. Yes, we’ve taken trips but they have all focused on a family event or obligation, and we tagged on an extra day of something fun if we could. We’ve never actually gone somewhere with the purpose of “getting away” or actually taking a vacation. I don’t know what that’s like!! This will be a late celebration for our 20th wedding anniversary. We will be going to the Bahamas and staying on Paradise Island for 4 nights. I hope to do some snorkeling and soak up the salt water. Maybe throw in a couple of adventures or two…and of course some great local food. I am counting down the days and could not be more excited!! I hope the pictures I see are real and it really is that beautiful…

May even try to represent #trimafia a little bit – if I remember!

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