2018, Family and triathlon, Life, Outside

Utah mountains and roller coasters

Seeing something that’s new to your kids is really amazing! It’s been years since my kids have seen “real” mountains. Utah mountains. Mountains that make you think you can touch Venus becuase you’re so far up! We took a trip to see family recently and wow…it was so cool to see their reactions to everything.

Seeing my at-first-reluctant kids try a roller coaster and other rides at Lagoon for the first time was amazing. It was so fun to ride a coaster with my oldest – he definitely had second thoughts but it was too late at that point!! Then, we had to ride them again and again and again and again…. just like me when I was a kid.


It was so much fun to share adventures with my boys! They are excited to go out again. Can’t wait to do that.

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