Endurance sports & alcohol

Anyone else kinda’ done with the emphasis of alcohol & endurance events?? Maybe it’s just me. (I’m starting to see trends here…)  Does EVERYTHING have to involve beer?

  • Beer rides
  • events with beer
  • events with beer as the prize
  • “come run with us then drink beer”
  • …we’ll have beer!

Can we offer something else?? The tri clubs, run clubs, and everything else is so beer-centric. What about people who can’t drink? or are in recovery? or just think it must taste like dog piss (…that’s me).

….you don’t drink beer?? are you an alien?…That’s the message I hear. No, just never developed a taste for it. So, am I not allowed on the ride? Am I not part of the group/team /event/party/etc if I don’t like beer?

What if I said I don’t like root beer. People would just say…oh, ok. Here’s some lemonade. But you say you don’t like beer and it’s like…


I don’t know…maybe I’m just crazy! I guess I need to drink.


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