Being in a different Target store

You know that feeling of being in a familiar but yet UN-familiar place? Kinda’ like going to a different Target. The one you know has “this” setup…and the shoes are “here”….and the books are “there”- you know where things are.

I have this love/hate relationship with going to a new place. I love the newness, I typically lean into change, and seeing things from a new perspective is usually eye-opening to me. But what is it about going into a different Target and feeling so annoyed!?

It’s like….ugh, hang my head, deep breath…where is all the damn stuff!? The pens are supposed to be HERE!

Anyone else? Maybe it’s just me. It’s just Target, all the same stuff is there – it’s just in a different place. Why does it feel so different, so weird and strange?

The familiarity with a new but not-new place is one thing. But not knowing where anything is feels wrong.

I feel that way a lot. With parenting. With swimming. With lots of things. It’s all familiar, and it’s all different.


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