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Camping with kids: another endurance sport

Camping: an endurance sport, for sure

Apparently ONE endurance event this week juuuuuuust wasn’t enough. Right after getting back from OBX race we were unpacking and re-packing to go on a 3 day camping adventure. We’ve tried before to make it 3 days with the kids, but have failed. Until this week we had only done 2 days (one overnight at a time) with them. Previous times have involved a tiny Elmo potty & some tiny tot toys. But this time was different!

We did it! 2 nights, 3 days with the kids. We had 2 bikes. We had 2 scooters. We had a kayak. We had tons of food. We had fishing. We had a hammock. We had lake swimming (which was the most perfect temp ever!). We had charades. We had fun games I made up. It was fun but we were all really, really ready to come back. The weather was amazing. The location was only 20 minutes away and perfect for when we forgot important things that Jason needed to go back for.

Glad we did it! Next time, maybe not right after a really big triathlon…. just an idea.

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