Happy 45th to me!

Tomorrow is my 45th birthday (9/15). This birthday is gonna’ be pretty damn awesome. I will start the day with a drive to Nags Head to participate in the Outer Banks Triathlon. If someone had told me that I’d be doing this as my midlife crisis, I would have laughed & laughed & laughed…

Here are a few quotes that I think have some genuine wisdom to them and feel appropriate as my birthday approaches.

“What you appreciate appreciates.” – Oprah, who probably heard it somewhere, but I heard it from Oprah

“Everyone has a Pacific to cross.” from the documentary Losing Sight of Shore, referencing the team’s magnificent rowing expedition across the Pacific Ocean – which had never been done before. Ever. It references a literal crossing of the ocean, but it really is bigger in talking about finding your own ocean to cross.

And from Mr. Alright himself, Matthew McConaughey…during an acceptance speech he made in October 2016…

“… always have someone to look up to, something to look forward to, and something to chase.” I love, love, love this. A lot of people chase money but that just leads to chasing more money. Because it’s never enough. But I think chasing intangible goals, ideas, and a better version of yourself is very important. So here I go, to chase this oly distance finish line! =) Happy birthday to me!


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