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2018 already?

It’s already time to think about 2018 triathlon plans!


I have two events remaining this year – one big, one small. Then, BOOM, it’s gearing up for 2018. Already!

Here is what I’m thinking for 2018. I’m gonna’ keep a few sprints that I really like doing and try to intentionally improve on my times. Then, I’m going to do a few bigger sprints with open water. My initial thoughts are…

May 2018 – Beaverdam sprint tri – 750 ows, 15, 3
June 2018 – Rose – I’ll do it with someone if they are interested
June 2018 – Smile Train, 5th year – can’t miss it!
July 2018 – Little Uno (one mile ows swim)
Sept 2018 – OBX – distance tbd
Oct 2018 – Rose in Chapel Hill

I’m also looking at doing one or two Half IM distances as a team, doing the swim and/or bike legs. My first tri was in 2009, so it seems like a good goal to do my first Half IM distance in 2009 – 10 years later. I’m on the slow track but moving forward.

Anyone else got plans for 2018? Already signed up for the big race? I need to think more about what my specific goals are – beyond just finishing. Nothing wrong with finishing, but it’s time to get better. Focus on quality, not quantity.

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