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Raleigh Rocks

There is something about paint and nature that speaks to me. A while ago I bumped into this Facebook page, “Raleigh Rocks” where the idea is to paint & hide rocks around town and share clues to where they are. —brilliant!—  What an easy way to be creative, make connections, and celebrate Raleigh all at once. =)

So we did! We have a greenway trail by our house through our neighborhood so we painted some, planted some, and after about a week most have already been found or re-hid by other kids. “Keep or hide you decide” – such a fun and easy activity. Well, “easy” is a relative word I suppose. It does involve some time and patience to let the paint dry…and then you have to go hide them. But it’s exercise, nature, and a way to use the trails and greenways at our house to get the kids involved.

And every time I’m on this trail I just want to run! It was about 100 degrees this day, very lush and smokin’ hot like a rainforest. I couldn’t help but run. It’s such a pretty area, very lucky to have this as a training area. Too bad my next triathlon isn’t part trail run….now there’s a great idea!

rocks 3


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