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Finishing June with the Smile Train Tri

This is definitely one of my favorite venues for triathlons in the Raleigh-ish area. The Smile Train Tri benefits cleft palate kids so they can have needed surgeries. This local tri in Wake Forest, NC has been going on for 10 years now. It’s a very well run and organized event. This was my 4th one in a row and it’s nice to see some progress over time. Also really nice when it’s not 100 degrees outside – today’s high was around 85 and overcast most of the day. Super perfect weather for a tri in June!

Above are two pics of me getting ready – warming up in the pool and getting things set up in transition. I usually learn something at every race. This time I learned to make sure I have the right flavor of “blocks” in my bike bag… ginger ale is not a good flavor : /

Swimming really does get easier. My bright pink Velocity cap really stood out & made it easy to find me. Not sure why but people really do like to seat themselves better than they should be in the pool…..and then make it impossible to pass them. If you’re gonna’ walk the swim or do breaststroke, don’t be in the middle of the pack. Don’t be that guy, nobody likes that guy.

And just like that, it was over. Me and Tiffany did it and had some bling to prove we finished. And my biggest fan, Jason, was there once again to cheer and support me in this crazy little journey. Can’t wait to sleep on my bike sheets tonight! =)

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