2017, Bike, Triathlon

Bikes and the stories they tell

This weekend we had 11 bikes in the garage – 3 for my husband, 3 for me, 3 for the kids, and 2 friend’s bikes that we were fixing. We are now down to 9. But it made me think about how some of them had a long history (25 plus years), some were the kids’ first rides or from Santa, and my history of riding. Made me think of how it was one of the first things I remember about meeting my husband – he had some sexy bike skills! Made me think of the freedom and also how scary it can be to crash on one – especially as an adult. We don’t bounce back from that like the kids do!

All of these pictures tell a story…Some reflect that we’ve gotten the kids on bikes from as early as possible. I love the one below of Jason & the boys. He’s been eager to get them on a bike from the beginning. The one on the bottom right is when we all did our first trail ride together last year, all 4 of us. That was a good day!

Some of the pics are about riding through deep sadness after losing a dog we had for 17 years. Libby was a great dog. There’s a huge sunflower field that’s in bloom in the middle of the summer – these were taken on July 4th. They are literally as big as my head. Can’t wait for another ride there.

As I was going through old pictures I found some pics I took of my accident. I was on an old mountain bike (described loosely as a mountain bike) and slowly went over a speed bump…too slow. My speed was so slow that it stopped me and I went over the bars, on my face. First pic is right after, then about 2 hours later, then the next morning at the ER. Nothing some drugs & time couldn’t fix, but definitely very scary and very painful. I always wear a helmet but that day I was with the kids and I left the house with out it – then went back to get it!! If I hadn’t had a helmet, I don’t know what could have happened. It definitely absorbed some of the hit. Wear your helmet! But I got back on as soon as I could; didn’t want to make this a turning point in the wrong direction.

And then of course there are many from my triathlons but these are a couple of my favorites – one is transition area at Smile Train and one is Ramblin’ Rose, both taken in 2014 I believe. Super exciting that they are right around the corner again!

And then there’s where I can see the future! My oldest learning mad skills on the trails, and me learning some new skills too! Yay bikes!

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