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Longest swim ever!

Lately I’ve been swimming close to a mile every time I go to the pool. It’s about 45 minutes at a slow pace, maybe 42 if I’m really in the groove. Nothing crazy, just being consistent and moving back & forth, back & forth.

But yesterday I was determined to swim the distance of the Half Ironman coming up. It’s 1.2 miles total and I had not quite done the full distance yet in practice…until now! Not sure if the calorie burn shown on the Garmin app is anywhere near accurate…because when I came home I ate continuously for like an hour. Swimming like that really takes it out of me. 2175 yards is equal to 1.23 miles – so I barely exceeded my goal.

long swim

Actually, *during* the swim I was thinking about food a lot. And my to-do list. And science. And the kids. And the focus I have, or lack. And the dog Frank and why he keeps wanting to poop in the house. And the fact that he needs a bath. And these bubbles are so loud that I’m blowing. Can anyone else hear how loud this is? Do the lifeguards hear me exhaling from the other end of the pool? Could they really save me? Am I the only one in the pool? Wait, where did all these teenagers come from? Why are you breathing so hard? Slow it down. Why does this feel so different in the pool compared to the lake? Why did I think this was a good idea? Why do I keep signing up for these events? What if the weather doesn’t cooperate that day? Who would be crazy enough to do DOUBLE this distance in a full IM? Man, this is a good distraction…..for almost an hour.

June 4th is coming fast. Really fast. I don’t want to neglect my cycling but this is pretty consuming right now. I’ll be really glad to say that I did it and finished it. It’ll be here soon whether I’m ready or not!

im 70.3 raleigh chan


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