2017, Doubt, Humor, Life, Rewards, Triathlon, Wisdom

It’s a PANTS miracle!

pantsFor whatever reason, the stars lined up and today I will celebrate the reuniting of me with my new pants. These are special, magical pants. Ones that I never thought I’d see again…..well, the original ones are probably in a trash can somewhere, but this is a much better replacement.

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It only took almost six months to get them back. This is a good lesson in hope: keep hope alive. You never know when your missing and almost irreplaceable pants are going to show up again! Even the dog Frank is like – WTF!? Are you serious!?

Who really knows why or how this pair of pants was so reluctant to enter into my life. It’s a mystery.  The story of these wandering pants started a while ago...and then continued here... and now the story ends today. These pants have a special place in my life. They will be a symbol of waiting, confusion, mystery, intrigue, and weirdness.

Hello pants….I might sit around in you tonight for fun!

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