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May is BIKE MONTH…so…

…of course I had to buy a bike! Or two.

Yesterday I bought my first mountain bike. It’s beautiful and I still need to name her. It’s a SHE, definitely. Not a HE like my road bike Norman. I’m thinking about Zena – like the warrior princess. (I know it’s spelled with an X, but I am tweaking it.)



I was excited to buy it for a lot of reasons. What I was riding was torn up, so old, crappy like an old Schwinn, and now that the kids like riding I need to be able to keep up with them. That’s true, but what is also true is that my professional life is pretty fractured lately and I needed something that I could have some autonomy and creativity over. It seems that the only place I can find that these days is related to water, tires, or running shoes. I was excited to get this bike but I was even more excited and emotional to get this one…

ethan new bike
Ethan’s first real mountain bike!

I got my oldest his first mountain bike with gears!! He’s struggled a lot with social cues and expectations, but he’s very natural on a bike. Put him on a trail, a literal and physical dirt trail in the woods, and he can go forever! It’s easy for him, it’s natural, and he’s excited to ride trails with his dad. There’s something powerful in bike riding – the freedom, the skills, being in nature, all of it. I’m hopeful this bike (and future ones) will take him to really cool places – both literal and emotional. Good job my little friend!

ethan riding may 2017
First trail ride on the new bike – 5-20-17

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