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Back to what I love

Lately I’ve been feeling the nudge to get back to fitness classes. Not taking them – TEACHING them. Years ago I never thought I’d be circling back to cross this bridge again, but I am seriously thinking this way…

Life is short. I don’t want to feel like I’ve missed an opportunity somewhere along the way. I feel the best about myself and everyone around me when I’m consistently physically active AND encouraging others to come along and challenge whatever perceived limits you have for yourself.



Back in the day I taught step, floor/aerobic, and some water classes. I really enjoyed it! I didn’t do the high impact & high intensity. I loved teaching beginners. I was really, really good at that.

I listened to this podcast lately about this lady who’s a larger than average runner (meaning more than a size 4) who wants to change the face of running. It was really eye opening to me and has stuck with me for days. I hadn’t really connected those dots but whether it’s about running, cycling, triathletes, the gym, or whatever – all the “leaders” in those roles are usually so small. The image is nearly everywhere and it’s very hard to find the “normal looking people” taking leads in the fitness biz.

I can’t really describe it – I just “feel” this nudge to look deeper into resources & see where this might lead me. I’m really wide open to possibilities and trying to figure out what’s next for me. Looking at the next bridge I may cross…

Got any ideas? I’m wide open & ready for suggestions.

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