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Follow up to Who Pees In Your Pants!?

pee pants
Read the link to previous post below for the Adam Sandler reference!

Back in January I did an indoor triathlon at Lifetime. I wrote about my very unique experience I had while helping someone who got in a tricky place with a wardrobe malfunction – a giant, huge hole ripped in the front of their pants. No way you could complete a tri under those conditions!

That experience was weird and strange in that I lost all contact after that day. It happened at the beginning of January, 2017. Fast forward to last week, mid April (3 months after the initial incident) and this mystery person texts me! Says she’s sorry, was in the hospital, but has my pants and wants to get them to me. Wants to make arrangements so I can get them.

WOW. Out of the blue, ok! I have no idea what the hospital thing was about, but I respond & say sorry to hear that, hope you’re ok, etc. For all I knew she was in a bad wreck, had emergency surgery, had a leg amputated… who knows. Turns out the hospital thing was pregnancy.

I’ve had 2 kids and both pregnancies were very different. One I was very active and only sick for the first part…and the second one had me puking every day. I fully understand that for some people pregnancy can really be life threatening, very hard, and can be a very heavy thing to do. Again, I have very limited info so I’m working on a lot of assumptions here. But hey she reached out and my pants are on the way!!

The text goes back & forth that day with what’s the best way to get these mystery pants to me. We leave it that she will leave them at Lifetime since I drive by there all the time. She will drop them off and then let me know they are there for me to pick up. This text conversation was on April 12th and today is April 24th. Again…….silence. Again…..no pants. Communication went dark.

no deed

My husband says that there’s no way I’m ever going to see these pants! They are gone forever. I say that one day, who knows when, but one day I WILL see these pants. Who is right? Are they gone forever or will they show up one day?

(so weird…..right??) As they say, “no good deed…”


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