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What you do in the dark…

There was a day back in January when I started to draft this blog post: I got all 3 sports completed in one day! It was a January miracle! Biked on the trainer for 20 minutes, did a 20 minute run/walk, then swam a mile last night. The darkness of winter is trying to beat me but I will not let it. Luckily I’m not in Canada, I’d never leave the house!

Fast forward to February – I got a GARMIN! All of a sudden I’m in the club. Now I know for sure that I’m swimming a mile in 45 minutes and 1.3 miles in 60 minutes. Too slow but way better than where I started. Left a job, started a new career. Trying to figure it all out.I’m trying to feed the new the best I can!


March – it’s almost the end of March and my first tri is 4/2 in Florida – South Beach Triathlon. I’m feeling VERY un-ready for this. Hip pain is making cycling pretty challenging. I don’t have & don’t want a long sleeve wetsuit – will I need one for the swim? I probably won’t die but I really wish this longer distance sprint was at the end of the season, not first out of the gate. I signed up for it so long, almost 10 months ago, knowing I’d have some surgery to overcome and needed a goal to move towards. I should have picked something smaller & local! Doubt is a very powerful ugly animal. Grrr…

FRANK! Frank is helping me enjoy running, especially trail running. He sticks with me and he’s perfect as a running coach. Love him! He looooooves being out there with me. Didn’t know he would be so instrumental in me enjoying running. I don’t even use music with him. It’s just therapeutic being out there with him. He’s awesome and helping me with my TriMafia goals this year. img_3782

This time change – making the mornings even darker – is tough! I’m having a tough time with morning workouts. I’m still doing about 70% of what I should be doing, but I need to get my ass in gear. I’m struggling with “all the things” today. Even for someone who enjoys and runs toward change, the past month has been pretty challenging.

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