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Who pees in your pants?

Let me first say that at all the events I’ve done, I’ve only once run into the “mean girls” – those who say some snarky, better-than-everyone-else type of comment. Otherwise, we tri people seem to be pretty supportive of one another. But this…….ya’ gotta’ hear this one.

So two weeks ago I did the LifeTime Indoor tri. They were held all over the US and I did the one in Raleigh. The event was great but here’s the short version of what happened:

A co-triathlete was in the transition area (locker room) with me and ripped a giant hole in her running tights. I loaned her the sweatpants I walked in wearing, they were extra and weren’t great for an event but they were something and she wouldn’t be naked. She could at least finish the event, probably very hot but could finish rather than DNF.

At the end of the event, during the run on the treadmill she peed!! Just couldn’t hold it. If you stopped the treadmill or got off the bike you’d be DQ so a bathroom break was impossible during the event legs. After we finished she told me, very embarrassed, that she had peed while wearing my pants! It was very obvious. Wetness can’t be hidden on light grey pants. It was everywhere. So I tried to be really nice, telling her it was ok, we’d figure it out, don’t worry, etc.  She got my number, dialed it on the spot to be sure it went through. She said she’d go out & buy me new pants. Totally embarrassed, and I was kinda’ confused and flustered and embarrassed for her. That day she went out and sent me a pic of what she was going to get, it was very comparable. Asked me about the size.

And then……………………the sound of silence.

Nothing. She disappeared. No pants, no further communication, nothing.

Now…if tables had been reversed, I would have replaced the pants AND given a gift card to dinner somewhere. I would have been embarrassed & humiliated that I did something like that to someone who was gracious enough to help me in a bind. I would have gone over the top to make sure I had fixed the situation as best I could. But here I am 2 weeks after this incident and I have heard nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G

Short of her falling off the Earth, moving to another country, having massive surgery and being bed ridden, losing all 10 fingers in a devastating accident (so no typing), purchasing her own private island to move to, or some other extreme example of moving on or being incapacitated or dead…I have to wonder, who does this sort of thing? At first it was uncomfortable, funny, awkward – but now I’m really wondering how someone can think this is ok?! What type of moral compass does someone have that does this? It’s definitely not normal to pee on other people’s clothes and walk away from it, like it’s just another day.

The whole thing was just a rainbow of emotions – weird, funny, strange, awkward, supportive, and others. So let this serve as a warning to you: no good deed goes unpunished. Given the current political climate I guess this is the new normal. She finished the race, got a new pair of pants, and I lost mine.  ;(



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