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Look back, look forward, and hit 2017

Looking back, looking forward, and punching the hell out of 2017!

Not having a fancy Garmin hasn’t stopped me from tracking my progress. It’s not 1000% percent accurate, but it’s pretty close. The hours & number of workouts are probably 99% right. The mileage on the top right of the pic doesn’t include swimming, so add at least 50 miles there, maybe even 80 total for the year. That’s why the totals decreased so much later in the year – more swimming but the distances didn’t show up because I just recorded time. Some days were just a 30minute walk, but some were runs, swims, and/or bikes inside or outside all combined into one day. And if I compare 2016 to 2015 the totals are insanely higher this past year… 256 miles total, 110 hours total, and 186 workouts compared to the pic above. That’s some freakin’ progress. I had no idea I would hit over 1000 miles.

I spent some of the last day of 2016 hiking by myself. Itimg_20170101_133946837 was really peaceful. And then today, January 1, I spent some time swimming and finding a new little obsession: boxing. “Santa” brought the boys a boxing bag and the gloves came yesterday – some for them, some for me. I found a workout on YouTube, wrote down some basics, and took 15 minutes to do it. WOW. What a sweaty, energy creating, demon wasting, physical explosion of goodness. Where has that thing been all my life?! I’m not even kidding! That thing deserves a name…it’s that awesome. One of my goals this year is to improve my core strength and learn how to not hate running. Working with this bag is going to help me do that.

My word for 2017 is INTENTIONAL – I’ve made my monthly workout plan, setting some realistic goals, and looking forward to some great experiences in 2017.

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